MOVARESA is an International Engineering Sales Rep Company (Manufacturers' Representative) established in Mexico.

For more than 45 years, MOVARESA's has been involved in Selling Equipment, Tools, Services, Repairs, Spare Parts, Capital Goods, Consumable Products, Automation, Technology and Robots to the: Steel Industry, Aluminum, Crane Manufacturers, Forging Industry, Foundries Industry, Mining Industry, Metal Mechanic, Metal Stamping, Scrap Metal Recycling, Cement Industry, and Power Generation in all MEXICO.

As a Sales Rep, we have the honor and privilege to Represent here in Mexico First-Class Companies from different Continents, and they have trusted us to develop together the Mexican market with there Solutions, Products, and Services.

We have a very high level of expertise in Technical Sales of the Components, Spare Parts, Repair Services, and Equipment for these Heavy Industries. Our primary focus is on the Steel Industry and Metalworking Industry, due to our strong relationships and experience in this vital sector.